Creating stitched strips for your layout


Step 1

Choose a double-sided patterned paper and start by cutting a large circle the size of the tree you wish to make. Next, make three more cuts, dividing this large circle into four different-size circles. You can do this with a circle cutter or just hand cut with your scissors. At this point you could ink the edges if you desire.

Step 2

Lay the four circles on your page. I like to alternate the patterns to add a bit more interest. Using a sewing machine, straight-stitch around the centre of each circle. If you overlap two or three times it will add to the effect. For the centrepiece I used a brad instead of stitching, but the choice is yours.

Step 3

Now make small tears randomly around the outside and inside of the largest circle with your fingertips. Rough up the edges by rolling and crinkling to create a distressed effect, then repeat this step for each of the other circles. Add your hand-cut tree trunk, then ink the edges and adhere it with 3D adhesive.


Step 1

Cut your double-sided paper to the desired length – for this project my paper is 4in long and 1.5in wide. Machine-stitch down the wrong side of the centre of this piece, then stitch it to the background paper. Next, using your fingertips roll the outer edges into the centre. This will now show the right side of the paper and create a curled effect.

Step 2

From the top of the paper, make a tear approximately 1in long on either side of the centre stitching. Now at the bottom, tear from the outside of the paper in towards the middle, ensuring you don’t rip the piece off completely. Do this on the other side as well.

Step 3

Using your fingertips again, roll this torn piece – still attached to the whole – then fold it out so it creates a leaf-like shape. Fix it in place with a small piece of 3D adhesive. All you need to do now is add your flower to the top.

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Masters competition 2012

A reminder that the Scrapbooking Memories Masters competition entries for 2012 will be returned to entrants before the 1st November. If you haven’t received your entry back within the week after that, please email the Masters competition email address

Entrants may receive an Honourable Mention in this year’s special Master’s Edition of Scrapbooking Memories magazine – on sale December 19th. If all entrants could please refrain from publishing your work on their blog, online or submitting to any other publications until the Master’s Edition is on sale we would greatly appreciate it.