Step 1

Take your base cardstock or patterned paper and, using a craft knife or paper trimmer, cut a square in the centre; it can be any size you like. This is best done by turning the cardstock over to the back and drawing a square in pencil. Place the blade of your trimmer or knife on the corner of the pencil line and cut across to the next corner, take your blade out, turn the card and repeat for all sides.

Step 2

Use a paper trimmer or craft knife to cut a square slightly larger than the one you cut out of the base cardstock in your transparency sheet. You need to make the transparency square large enough to stick over the hole and be attached at the back with double-sided tape.

Step 3

Once your transparency is attached, turn it over to the front and machine-stitch around the edge of the square using a zigzag stitch to give it a finished look. Then, go ahead and complete your layout. Of course, you don’t need to stick to squares; you could cut out circles, rectangles or any shaped window you like!


Step 1

Let’s make a pop-up element for a scrapbook page or card which is guaranteed not to become flat. Using a die-cutting machine and your chosen die, cut a piece of felt into shape. Remember to roll the die three or four times to ensure the felt cuts all the way through.

Step 2

Now take a piece of transparency – trimmed to size – and repeat this process. Again, roll the die through three or four times to make sure the transparency is cut nice and clean. If it isn’t, just use a pair of sharp scissors to cut around those edges that are still stuck together.

Step 3

Place your felt shape over the transparent shape and staple the two together in the middle. Now, holding it in the middle fold up each side – in this case the butterfly wings – until you get the angle you like. You are now ready to attach this element to your project; silicone glue is the best option for this.

Beck Beattie’s classes at Paperific

For those of you thinking of attending Paperific in Melbourne from the 3-5th of May we have some exciting news to share. Beck Beattie, one of our current Scrapbooking Memories Masters, will be teaching in person over the 3 days and is looking forward to meeting you all. There will also be a gallery display of her work along with her Master’s entry that you can see in real life and ask any questions that you may have.

The class Beck will be teaching will start with a layout that each participant can personalise while using the same kit. You can go for a more masculine or feminine theme. You can also stick to a flat style of scrapping (for those of you that like to get a big number of layouts into your albums) or a more three dimensional feel (Beck’s signature style). So there are four different ways you can go in this class to really personalise your project along with your own personally created background! You may even come up with your own spin on it and create option number 5 – your own unique version! You will also be creating a centre step card. Beck will be teaching numerous techniques and sharing her way of scrapping and how she designs her pages.

Cost: $35
Time: 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Date: 3 – 5 May

More details about the class can be found on Beck’s blogs,  and

To find out more about Paperific visit


Just for the love of it – Cassie’s wedding

Hello SBM readers!
I miss you all! Hope all is going well for all of you. As promised, here are a few of my wedding pics. It’s been three weeks since the event and I still remember it all like it was yesterday. The weather leading up to the wedding was horrendous; pouring rain and flooding had made our outdoor wedding seem like a fairytale – one that wouldn’t happen! But the sun came out the week beforehand and dried it up enough to still go ahead with it. Everything went off without a hitch and it really was the perfect day. Both Andrew and I had so much fun with family and friends.

                                                      Husband and wife!

                                      Myself and my lovely bridesmaids

                                    These boots were made for walking…

Special thanks to Lizzy Hill who made me a lovely wedding card. Thanks Lizzy, you touched my heart!

                                Card from Lizzy Hill

All the best,
Cassie Watts ;)

Scrappy Hollow weekend sale bonanza!

Scrappy Hollow is having a massive two-day sale this weekend! On Saturday 20 April and Sunday 21 April, all stock will be sold with a 20% discount, with selected items being discounted by 40%. If you’re in the vicinity of Croydon, Victoria, head to the store this weekend to save at least 20% on all of your favourite brands. All the big brands are part of this awesome sale, including Prima Marketing Inc, October Afternoon, Sizzix, Webster’s Pages and Kaisercraft. So head over this weekend for some amazing savings!

Address: 1-3/1-7 Maroondah Highway, Croydon Vic

Trading hours: 9:30am-5pm

Phone: (03) 9879 6220

5 minute chat with Kerryn Lawson

Scrapbooking Memories 2012 Master

Define your style in five words and explain how this style came about or why you feel you scrap the way you do?

I have always found it difficult to define my style.  I am not sure that I even have an identifiable style and what style I may have seems to vary from page to page depending on which way the wind is blowing.  I think for me rather than having a style as such it is more about what you will find on all of my pages.  You will generally always see layering, journalling, stitching, clusters and attention to the little details.  It has taken me quite a while to embrace the fact that I don’t have one of those styles that fits into an easily definable category.  Early on in my scrapbooking days I fought to create a style.  I wanted to fit into a category rather than realising I could create my own.  Over time I have become more confident with what does and doesn’t work for me and I have found that there are in fact a ot of things that do work for me.  I embrace the fact that the way I create is determined by the products I am using, the photos I am using and the mood I am in.  It is more important to do what you love and to love what you are doing.


How do you plan a page?

Whether I start with a photo or with papers I will always take a moment to think about the story I want to tell.  I like to go in knowing the direction I have in mind.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t take detours along the way but it helps to have a plan, especially when choosing embellishments.  It also helps to have an idea of a title and whether I need to allow a lot of space for journalling or just a little.

Once I have the story, the papers and the embellishments I am ready to create.  Then it’s just a matter of seeing which way the wind is blowing!

What drives and inspires your projects?

I am inspired by many things.  My children, our family adventures, friends and the day-to-day happenings of life are always a source of inspiration.  I will find inspiration in books and magazines as well as my surroundings but it is the online world that has probably provided the most inspiration to me.  I follow a few hundred blogs and am constantly amazed and inspired by people from all around the world from all walks of life.

When it comes to the actual creating it is the desire to record all those little moments that might otherwise be forgotten that inspires me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love creating for the art but I like that my art serves a dual purpose.

What do you think is the one thing that distinguishes your unique approach to the craft?

I think we are all unique in the way we create.  If we weren’t then everything would look the same and that would be just a wee bit boring…. 

What is your favourite product and your favourite way to use it?

I have a lot of favourite products so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one!  If I had to pick something based on not being able to create without it then I would have to say my sewing machine.  In the early days I did all my sewing by hand, much to my friend’s amusement, but when I splashed out and brought myself a sewing machine it was the best purchase I ever made.   It is quite funny when people come to my home and comment on the fact that I have a sewing machine and I quietly inform them that it has never sewn a single piece of fabric!  I really couldn’t do without it.

Do you have any special tips or tricks that you would like to share?

Enjoy what you do.  Scrapbooking is first and foremost a hobby and it is something that you should do because you enjoy it.  Don’t feel that you have to be like somebody else, be unique and find your own style. Be you – you will love what you are creating more when it comes from within.

Check out Kerryn’s scrapbooking over at her blog for more inspiration.

Product of the week – calendar stamp set by Amy Tangerine

Amy Tangerine’s Yes Please! collection is bright and vibrant with beautiful hand-drawn elements. One of our favourite products from the collection is the calendar stamp set. The interchangeable features of the stamp make it versatile and definitely a product that will be used over and over again. The day and month stamps slide in and out of the wooden stamp’s base making it super easy to add a date to your scrapbooking pages. The package comes with one stamp and one set of months and days. Such a great idea and so simple to use, it’s the perfect way to date your memories.


Cloud embellishments


Step 1

Cut white cardstock down to size. Make your template by freehand drawing or tracing a cloud design along the top of another piece of cardstock or stencil plastic. I like to make two templates that are slightly different to ensure a more random look.

Step 2

Place the template just on the bottom of the page and lightly spray with sky coloured mist. Carefully lift up your template and move it up the page a few centimetres and lightly spray again. Continue moving the template up, alternating them if you want, and misting until you reach the top of the page.

Step 3

Finish off your clouds by removing the template and lightly misting the bottom of the page (the first row of clouds) so it blends in a little better with the rest of the page – leaving you with a finished page of clouds.


Step 1

Cut Jac paper (double-sided adhesive paper) to the size you want. Peel off one side of the backing paper then, using a ready-made cloud template, trace and cut clouds out of this backing paper to use as masks. Arrange on one side of the Jac paper.

Step 2

Pour fine, light-blue glitter over the top of the masks for your sky. Ensure all sticky bits have been covered in glitter before shaking of the excess.

Step 3

Carefully peel off the cloud masks and pour white or crystal glitter over the newly exposed Jac paper to fill in the cloud shapes. Shake off the excess glitter. Embellish as desired to create a card front or use as part of a layout.

15.8 Masters Challenge – Stamp-It

Stamp-It has given our Masters Ranger Dylusions ink sprays to work with for this issue’s Masters Challenge. We decided for a twist on the old ‘create a single layout’ as the Masters had to create their own original backgrounds using the ink sprays! Check out what they came up with in Vol 15 No 8, on sale now!

What were your thoughts on this Masters Challenge? Have you used the Ranger Dylusions ink sprays yet? 

5 minute chat with Heather McMahon!

2012 Scrapbooking Memories Master

Define your style in five words and explain how this style came about or why you feel you scrap the way you do?

This is a hard one as I don’t think I really have a distinct style. Some words that could be used to describe some of my layouts though would be arty, textural, colour-driven, photo-centric and story-telling. Over the years my style has become much more detailed as I’ve grown to enjoy the creative process more and stopped focussing on getting all my photos scrapped. I have to accept that this will never happen so I may as well just take my time and enjoy my scrappy journey.

How do you plan a page?

I nearly always start with the photo and work out the feel and the colours of the page from there. The photo is the reason we are making the page so it seems right to work the layout around it. I usually grab a few papers that match the photo and see where that takes me. If the feel of the photo is crazy and bold I might grab paints or sprays to make a suitably zany page. If the feel of the photo is cute and soft I’ll look for flowers and gentle shapes. I rarely place my photo in the middle of a page and I tend to place my elements so they flow from the top left to the bottom right of the page. I find myself doing this so often that I’ve had to stop doing it where possible lately or my layouts might all start looking the same!

What drives and inspires your projects?

After the photo it’s the products. I love finding a new way to use something and, when I do, I try to make several layouts using variations on that technique, exploring different ways to use it. I am also influenced by what others create – I love browsing mags and blogs. Often a small detail on a layout will make me think of something completely different and give me a whole new idea. Of course, my crazy beautiful family are my constant source of inspiration.

What do you think is the one thing that distinguishes your unique approach to the craft?

I think that always creating the layout around the photo gives each of my pages a cohesive look. If an embellishment or a paper doesn’t suit the photo, it doesn’t go on the page. I will also give anything a go. Sometimes new ideas don’t work out the way I expect but I usually learn something along the way.  My style is a constantly evolving thing and I think that keeps my layouts fresh.

 What is your favourite product and your favourite way to use it?

I love spray mists. Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist has been an old favourite of mine but others like Dylusions ink sprays are enabling scrappers to achieve completely different looks. I use them in different ways. TAGM makes a great quick and easy background for softer layouts. Dylusions is perfect for bolder layouts, either sprayed onto wet paper to blend it then blotted or just used at full strength for maximum impact. I’ll also colour any embellishment with sprays – chipboard, flowers, anything that looks like the paint will hold to the surface!

Do you have any special tips or tricks that you would like to share?

Do whatever feels right for you. It’s your layout and your memories after all. When you’re stuck for ideas grab a magazine or start looking online at blogs and websites.

Don’t be a hoarder of products. If papers are breeding in your cupboard, don’t let yourself buy any new ones until you’ve used up some of the old ones. Or if you’re not going to use them then give them to someone who will. I get very focussed when I’m running with an idea and it’s so frustrating to have to plough through piles of unwanted stuff to find what I’m looking for. Clutter is a natural by-product of scrapping but keeping it tidy, sorted and labelled will help enormously. Now if only I could follow my own advice…

Do you love mist as much as Heather? Are you a fan of her ever-evolving style? Check out more of her projects here.