Go clay-zy with STAEDTLER’s new FIMO accessories!

Creating your own clay embellishments is so on trend in scrapbooking, and STAEDTLER’s FIMO soft polymer clay is a quality product that is super simple to use. And now there are some brand new FIMO accessories to play with so that you can make your clay shapes look even cooler!

Grind’n polish set: Sanding sponges and flexible foam sheets at three different grades mean your clay pieces will be as smooth as you want them to be. Move over enamel and resin pieces!

Blades: This assorted knife set with different blades (serrated, rigid, flexible), means you can cut your clay easily, without any ragged bits. Just lots of clean edges!

Shaped cutters: These super cute motifs (including hearts, starts and clovers) will look good on any layout! Now you can add that perfect little handmade charm to finish your page off nicely.

Metallic powders: Add a sophisticated touch to your clay shape with this impressive finish! In gold or silver, it’s a very cool way to add bling to your next project!

So get moulding ASAP!

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