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Vol 15 No 07
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Creative Cutter Inspiration

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Ever wanted to design and cut your own images straight from your computer? Well with the Creative Cutter Inspiration TM from Pazzles you can – no cartridges required! The unique design software is easy to use and the quick-start video tutorials will have you producing titles and images in less than one hour! Each month, Angella Peardon will bring you a new project to create with this amazing machine and show you just how simple it is to use.

For your nearest stockist and any information on the Creative Cutter Inspiration TM from Pazzles,

Baby gift box and key chain
By Angella Peardon

Step 1
Open program for 12in x 12in page.
Step 2
On your right hand side you will see a menu, click on image gallery. Then click on 3D shapes, all your boxes will appear. I choose box no 2, double click.
Step 3
Now you have your box on the screen, to make it bigger drag the box out by the corner so it does not lose it perspective, if you enlarge by the top or bottom it will lose it perspective (joins will not meet up).

Step 4
Now on your left hand side you will see the rectangle tool, click and draw yourself a box inside the gift box as shown, you are ready to cut now!

You can put any shape inside your boxes, when constructing stick acetate inside the box, so you can see “what’s in the box” jelly beans look good!

Step 5
Start with a fresh page, click on font in your menu bar on the right hand side Type a letter b then ok
Step 6
Image gallery again look for baby, and then I choose the little chickie no 8.
Step 7
Now position your chickie inside the b as shown. Now if you where to join the Two elements now you would lose most of the chickie.
Step 8
Click on your cut straight line tool as shown, cut two lines across your b as shown.
Step 9
Click on your join element tool, now your chickie is inserted in your b.

Step 10
Now you are ready to cut. You can insert images into your text Webdings are really good for this technique.

I have cut some of the project out of chipboard so you can see how easy it is to cut chipboard. I set my chipboard as per machine settings, and this chipboard is a thicker one I did a double cut increase the pressure to 30 and needle to 5.


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